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Haki by mikeyquig
Haki is a shadow heart, once a member of the high families house guard protecting and watching over the rich and powerful as they slumber in cryo-sleep. The mistress he served was a young member of the ruling family and had been put in to hiding as there was unrest between the families and threats of a coup. Haki and the mistress's hand maiden watched over her as she slept for many years as the conflicts ensued. Haki would tend to the bonsai trees in the gardens as is tradition for the guards to do, the young hand maiden would tend to the cryo-chamber keeping it maintained and functional. The two of them became close friends and even though it was strongly forbidden they gradually became secret lovers. For a time together in their mistress's hide out away from all of the troubles of their war torn world and the rest of the galaxy at large, they were happy and harmonic together. As unbreakable as the dream appeared in hiding, the young mistress's location was discovered and the rebels who had over thrown the ruling family came to cut all blood lines and finish the job.
The battle was fast and fierce, though Haki fought strongly and honorable he could not save the live of the young mistress and his lover the hand maiden was injured in the conflict. It was at this point that she revealed to Haki that she was actually the mistress all along and the woman in the cryo-chamber was a decoy, a secondary defense. Upon learning this knowledge Haki vowed to protect her for the rest of his life and be with her always.
Their love had never been stronger yet her life was fading fast so Haki put her in a portable cryo-chamber for real, its technology would keep her alive and slowly over time heal and restore her wounds.
Together they fled the hideout in an emergency shuttle craft, Haki's dear love already in the deep slumber of the cryo-chamber, knowing they would be hunted for the rest of their lives Haki took them far across the galaxy, away from their former home on short-light prime and to a far darker, grimier and busy planet where Haki got them a run down basement apartment let by a land lord who doesn't ask any questions except for wheres my rent.
Haki set up the cryo-chamber as best he could and began the long wait for his loves revival, he would find small plants and trees tending to them and making them in to bonsai trees remembering his time with the hand maiden before everything fell apart and how much she loved his trees, he learnt all he could about cryo technology to better look after his love in slumber reading anything of relevance over and over fine tuning the system and keeping every thing working, though often thinking he wished he could be as good at it as she was.
To pay the rent which was substantial because of the excessive power use needed to keep the cryo-chamber running Haki did the only thing he'd ever been trained to or knew how to and put his skill with the blade to work, first starting out as a sell sword and gradually working his way up to be an assassin, the bigger the pay out of the job the better, after a while he had made a name  for himself and was considered a high level operator and as much as a ghost or a myth by the authorities, all the while his conscience attacking his resolve making him doubt his actions, he had always seen it as the people he killed were bad people any way and it was all in the name of keeping his love alive, a sacrifice...yet he could never stop himself from thinking,

will she still love the man iv become when she wakes?...

will she forgive the things iv done? overlook the lives iv taken?...

or will she see just another monster with sword in hand?

for other shadow heart characters follow the link below…
Maxwell Crowd by mikeyquig
Maxwell Crowd
Maxwell Crowd is a high level bounty hunter, hes ex military leaving after a dishonorable discharge he is now free lance and on occasion a secret government asset. His addiction to performance enhancer drugs make him unstable and unpredictable yet coupled with his advanced combat skills and his talents using exo-skeleton power suits he is one of the best in his field.
Living by his own code and his own rules he is a vicious and cruel man taking women when he wants them rarely accepting no as an answer. His methods in his job are brutal and some what twisted, often torturing informants and his bounties more than is necessary to achieve his goals, he enjoys his work and enjoys seeing others in pain. 


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in my profile picture thats me on the right :-) thats my brother on the left we were at our mums wedding, just think its a nice shot of us.

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